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Superior Benagil & Marinha Cave Tour

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Adult 11+ years
Children 3 - 10 years
Baby 0 - 2 years

Praia da Marinha to Benagil Caves Tour

Carvoeiro’s caves are some of the most extraordinary places on earth. As per the UK’s “Another Magazine,” the Algar of Benagil has been considered the most beautiful natural cathedrals on the planet, carved by the pounding waves that sweep in from the vast Atlantic Ocean. These caves were shaped around 20 million years ago.

On our boat tours along the Algarve Coast, find spectacular views to photograph and experience the interior of fascinating caves built inside the imposing cliffs with idyllic secret beaches. Here, rock formations of many colors with sunlight streaming through openings and the contact with the ocean will unite you forever in a set of unique indescribable sensations, only possible when feeling the magical effects, so close to nature.

From Praia do Carvoeiro, where the Benagil Cave tours begin, we sail along the coast, past charming places such as “A Boneca,” the “Doll” and “Algar Seco,” as well as wonderful white sand beaches Vale Covo, Carvalho, and Benagil.

We see also the beautiful Alfanzina Lighthouse. This trip allows us to reach the cave of the steam boiler, where are the remains of a sunken steamboat, which gives the name to it. Then we pass by the famous arches and numerous rock formations of Praia da Marinha that are seen by sea. This beach is still considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe and among the 100 best beaches in the world.


  • Sightseeing return tour along the coastal caves of Europe’s number one beach 2018 Carvoeiro to Marinha Beach
  • Countless rock formations and a visit to the interior of the main seventeen Benagil Caves
  • Safety briefing and fully insured boat as well as new generation automatic life jackets