Frequently Asked Questions

What is it I need to know before booking a tour?

Where are you located?

At the Beach of Carvoeiro (Main center) after crossing the square on the left hand side, where you can see an orange flag “CarvoeiroCaves”

Where do I park my car?

As the city center is too busy. In the church area 37°05'42.0"N 8°28'13.5"W

What are your departure times?

We start working from 09:30h onwards and depending on the number of visitors, we board guests each 15 to 30 minutes.

Can we book in advance?

Yes, please do. You can book far in advance, preferably online. It will always depend on the sea conditions of the chosen day, which we kindly ask you to enquire before departing home, as our cancellation email may not reach you on time.

Where do I go to book a trip?

You can book on this page online, or call our ticket shop +351 965 041 785, or purchase the tickets on site, directly at our Ticket Shop.

Do I enter the Benagil cave during the tour?

Yes, usually we always enter the Benagil cave to explore its beauty and majestic dimension; however, passengers are not allowed to step out of the boat inside the Benagil cave. If you book the long tour and if the weather allows, you can go for a swim during a short break in impressive scenery.

Are babies allowed?

Yes, babies are allowed and will be welcome on a free basis, but they count as one passenger, please always consider your baby as a number of person.

How much do children pay?

Children from 3 to 10 years inclusive pay less 10 Eur on each of the tours: Benagil short tour: 15 Eur/ per child and Benagil long tour (up to Marinha) 20 Eur / per child.

Where can I find details of the boats?

In Carvoeiro we are equipped with 6m long, comfortable fiberglass boats, with 2 steps easy boarding system, which allow entering tiny hall entrances to the hidden caves.

Normally I get sea sick. What can I do?

Please ask a member of CarvoeiroCaves ® Staff to get you a profilaxia pill (“Vomidrine 50 mg” – which contains “Dimenidrinato”) to take up to 30 minutes before.

I am very afraid of sailing. I can’t swim.

Please do not worry, you have automatic safety life jackets on (including young babies) and all CarvoeiroCaves ® Skippers are very well trained and have over 1000 hours sailing experience each. You will be astonished with their performance and the way they try to please visitors. All boats are equipped with all safety gear as required by law.



CarvoeiroCave is a maritime tourism company based in Carvoeiro, which offers boat trips to observe the numerous caves along the Carvoeiro Coast in the Algarve.

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